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Avoid vertical blinds.

They are difficult to maintain in a rental environment and may discolor with time & exposure to bright sunlight. They also do not provide darkness for guests who wish to sleep later into the day. Consider draperies with a heavy blackout lining that will insulate your unit & save on heating costs.



Architrac Rod System
Architrac Rod System for Coastal Condo Draperies

Architrac rods are the ideal systems for vacation rental condo window treatments and are the standard hardware used for all orders from our Beach Home Drapery Collection. A hospitality industry standard, this system's sturdy design stands up to the wear of heavy daily guest use and helps keep drapes - one of your largest decorative investments - in good physical condition.

Architrac rods are simple to operate - a fiberglass wand on the drape connects to a set of ball bearings that easily glides in either direction. Architrac rods also keep hands off the drapery fabric, preventing stains or tears to keep draperies looking their best.

Product Specifications & Features:
All rods have aluminum construction with a white baked enamel finish
No hidden cords to find or break
Each system includes: Enclosed end caps at end of tracks; Ball bearing slide carriers; A deluxe white 36" fiberglass baton
Longer rods will be made spliced; a splicer is provided
Rods are custom made to your unit's specific measurements and are not returnable
How to Measure for an Architrac Rod
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Standard Architrac Rod Sizes
Architrac Rod Replacement Parts

Up to 40" L

36" White Fiberglass Baton

Up to 60" L


Up to 80" L


Up to 90" L

Ball Bearing Slide Carriers
(10 piece minimum order)
$0.49 ea

Up to 100" L


Up to 120" L


Up to 140" L


Up to 160" L


Up to 180" L

PayPal payment gateway - all major credit cards accepted; Orders & Policies
* Rods are made to order according to supplied measuements and are not returnable
* Please contact us to order a custom size not listed
* Longer rods will be made spliced; a splicer is provided
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